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Jay Wilson Preston, President
312 Main St. SW     Ronan, Montana   59864

May 31, 2012


To Western Montana Citizens and the Montana Public Service Commission:


I write in praise of Missoula County Commissioner Jean Curtiss for her insightful editorial concerning the positive prospects for beneficial economic development in “clean tech” (Missoulian Guest Column, Thursday, May 31).  She cited several examples in Missoula of companies planning to use wood waste for useful purposes (Rivertop Renewables and Blue Marble Biomaterials). Commissioner Curtiss also listed numerous groups and coalitions engaged in further encouraging this kind of innovation in our region.


I want to expand on her comments by adding CORE Motion, Inc. to her list of Western Montana innovators.  CORE is led by the Mission Valley’s brilliant entrepreneur, Matt Jore.  CORE is developing a high tech electric motor/generator that is both CLEAN and REVOLUTIONARY!


This new electric machine concept replaces the heavy copper wire windings and iron cores, which have weighted down electric motors and generators for 140 years, with a stator made from laminated printed circuit boards and a rotor using permanent magnets.  The CORE motor/generator is less than one third the weight and can be one quarter the size of equally powered conventional induction motors; the CORE motor is also more cost effectively energy efficient than induction motors as well.  For more, go to CORE’s website at http://coreoutdoorpower.com/technology/.


CORE’s subsidiary, OPE, Inc., now has a factory in Polson making a battery powered grass trimmer using the CORE motor.  So far, they have created 50 new jobs.  This trimmer is the first of many planned lawn and garden power tools OPE will manufacture in the Mission Valley using battery powered CORE motors.  I recently acquired this trimmer.  It runs for 45 minutes on a charge, and, unlike every small gas engine I own that power my chain saw, grass trimmer, leaf blower, lawn mowers, garden tiller and snow blower, I just pull the trigger and it ALWAYS STARTS!


CORE, through its association with Boulder Wind Power, is also developing a very large version of the same generator concept (it is over 39 feet in diameter), to replace the windmills generating power today. 


Anybody even moderately aware of Montana utility politics knows of the windmill developments in Judith Gap and Cut Bank, along with the controversies over subsidized wind power.  The issues include the Montana Alberta Tie Line (MATL) and similar transmission line proposals to transmit wind power to Canada and California.  An additional controversy erupted when the legislature approved a bill allowing transmission line companies to seize their right-of-way corridors through eminent domain.


The entire wind power industry’s Achilles Heel today is that it depends on federal subsidies to be cost competitive.  Even though costs have come down recently, the cost of using current technology to generate power is not yet competitive with legacy coal and hydroelectric sources or the newly emerging natural gas turbines.  Matt Jore believes the windmill generator he is developing will allow wind power to be produced for as low as 5₵ per KWH, which would make wind power cost competitive with the current energy sources that supply the grid today, WITHOUT SUBSIDIES!  To learn more, go to http://www.boulderwindpower.com/about-us/company/.


Senator Tester recently visited the research facility south of Ronan where CORE and Boulder Wind Power are testing this windmill generator on a large horizontal rotating test stand (it looks like an overgrown playground merry-go-round).  You can get an idea of what this thing looks like by going to valleyjournal.net/tester-visits-jore-mission-mountain-food-enterprise-p2124-1.htm .  To access the above websites easily, go to http://www.ronan.net/, and select the link entitled “Chairman’s Message”, which will bring up this letter allowing you to access these sites with a click of your mouse.


Commissioner Curtiss’ examples of Rivertop Renewables and Blue Marble Biomaterials, along with my addition, CORE, are but three of the many innovators who are transforming the economic landscape of Western Montana.  The projects these innovators are working on combined with the unspoiled magnificence of our Northern Rockies region, is a combination that will attract world class talent and ample capital investment to facilitate a renewed promise of the kind of prosperity Montanans experienced up to and soon after the Second World War.


This prosperity, which we once had and then lost over the last 60 years, can be ours again.  But this time around, we must control our own destiny.  We must reject the “copper collar” of corporate colonialism that defined our history and embrace a diversified economy made up of a variety of small, locally owned companies, innovating like the three examples cited above.  This is the best way to build a bright future for Western Montana.




Jay Wilson Preston

Ronan, Montana

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